First Season | Social Struggles Across The US

No Borders is the name of the first season of a web series dedicated to learn about experiences of resistance to capitalism in different territories across Planet Earth. The first season will focus on the particularities of the struggles that are experienced in 12 cities 8 states in the USA.

In the early twentieth century, the political and economic influence of the United States in the development of global capitalism has been significant, placing it as an economic and military power that largely defines the geopolitical order of the planet. This includes directly participating or funding military interventions either officially and unofficially to institute totalitarian states or maintain democracies that obey their strategic interests to control specific regions; often using the language of counter-terrorism and defense of democracy to achieve their goals.

Through the course of its imperialist development, the United States territory has experienced many forms of popular struggles, among which we highlight: the struggles against slavery, the labor struggles of the late nineteenth century, the Civil Right’s Movement, and then the spectacular fights against globalization that took place in Seattle. Beyond these historical events, very little is known outside of its boarders of the current social struggles taking place in the US.

By contrast, the image that today characterizes American society internationally is a highly individualized consumer culture that lives with the constant fear of “foreign” terrorism, in particular after the attacks of September 11, 2001. This is what we know.