Would you like to help with our project?

Much like any media and propaganda project, Sur Negro requires the economic resources in order to grow and consolidate its international platform. Thanks to the monetary support of comrades from affinity organizations and help from a large network of collaborators, we were able to accomplish the filming phase of the web series in the US.

We are in need to cover the costs of our project. This includes debts accumulated and the cost of production, servers, and equipment. In addition, there is the cost of organizing the international propaganda, which in total amounts to $15,000.

At this phase of the project, we need to ask for help from all those who support the development and necessity of media projects that seek to strengthen our social struggles across the globe.

You can help with financing the last stages of No Borders. Your support will help finalize the first season of this series, as well as future seasons in other regions around the world.

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We’ll let you know when our fundraising is starting.


If you are unable to collaborate economically, you can also help us with other necessary skills. We are making an open call for those who wish to contribute and help further develop the No Borders series in the following areas:

  • Translators (Spanish, English, German, Italian, French, ALL)
  • Illustrators, designers, musicians, journalists, or any other
    media-related skills
  • Help with the spread of the project in a specific region
  • Tell us your impressions in this form or contact us directly at: contact@surnegro.tv