Sur Negro Comunicaciones

Sur Negro Comunicaciones (2014-¿?) is an international anarchist organization of communication and propaganda dedicated to visualize the social, ecologist, indigenous, labor, student and feminist struggles in their different expressions all around the world as well as  the anti-authoritarian practices they apply.

With its members coming from different social, political and communication organizations this new international team was founded inside Casa Volnitza, an anarchist social centre in Santiago de Chile, with the interest to experiment an audiovisual format of television in the way of mixing the genre of documentary, road movie and web series. We seek to widen the horizon of the audiovisual languages that are commonly used by a diverse variety of political tendencies in the information and communication trenches.

Sur Negro Comunicaciones preserves the line of “journalism in the trenches”, proposing a subjective narrative, typical of an explicit political stance on observed reality.

Although our first objective of our collective is to realize the web series “Sin Fronteras, Social struggles across the world”, we are interested and open to integrate new initiatives with regional or international focus – always with the goal to contribute to the communication processes that aim to transmit the experiences of social organizations. We hope to contribute to the qualitative improvement of the practices in our struggles.

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